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    Regarding Molybdenum…and die off

    I am on stage one and taking 1 tablet of “Solgar Cheated Molybdenum” The back label says 85mg Calcium and 150mcg Molybdenum.

    Should I be taking more than 1 tablet of this at first? As I noticed the protocol mentions 250mcg…

    I have been experiencing itchiness…in my ears, under my arms, my eyes and the palms of my hands. Is this a part of the Die-off or just another candida symptom arising? I’m wondering if the die-off has started

    Thank you so much!



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    Hello, Mike.

    You don’t need the calcium in the molybdenum, especially if you’re not taking magnesium with it as it can cause constipation as well as an imbalance of the two minerals. If you want to do so, you can go ahead and start with one of those pills and work up to three a day.

    Next time try to find the “amino acid chelate” form of molybdenum, such as this one.

    The Vitamin Shoppes chain stores also carry this brand.



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    The itchiness is a very normal die off symptom. It goes away after 2-6 weeks and slowly gets better. It is a very strange feeling almost like everything you wear is made out of (itchy) wool.



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    Thank you. Actually I am taking 200 mg oh Magnesium a day. I find it helps my leg pain and headaches.


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    Also posted a question about that Almond pancakes recipe. Is that safe? Thx again!


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    Magnesium is a vital mineral and candida sufferers tend to have a deficiency, but there seems to be a lot of clinical and experiential evidence to suggest it can feed candida. Just Google something like “magnesium candida” and you’ll see people talking about reactions from supplements or even Epsom salt baths. If you’re not getting a reaction, then it should be okay to continue the supplementation, but treat it carefully like you would with introducing a new food.

    I was hoping to add Epsom salts to my baths before discovering this, so I’m a little disappointed. It’s remarkable how much candida can take control of your body. It’s no wonder we get so many symptoms.

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