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    I have seen other posts which indicate the dose levels of Molybdenum but am a little confused by what is being said. There has been a suggestion of working up to 3 doses, 250mcg per day. Is this 3 x 250mcg doses ie daily dose of 750 mcg or a total daily dose of 250mcg split into 3 doses of around 80mcg.

    On another matter I enjoy snacking on pumpkin and sunflower seeds, it has been said that mold will be found on most nuts unless eaten straight from shelling, will this not be the same with seeds in that mold will form on them in the time they stay within the packaging and then opened? Am I still feeding the candida by snacking on them?


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    The Molybdenum can be taken three times a day with meals at 250 mcg per dose, or a total of 750 mcg a day.

    Pumpkin and sunflower seeds may contain mold, and it’s my contention as well as many others that they can create Candida symptoms through the mold.



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    Actually I think the main reason they aren’t allowed/recommended is that they promote the production of mucous which protects the candida; the destruction of mucus in the body is one of the most important ways to fight the candida. I recommend viewing my mucoid post!

    I have been eating sunflower seeds for quite awhile now and I only notice mucus production after I eat them. My allergic reaction to them is slowly growing over time so I think this is something I should cut. The problem is I don’t have a good protein substitute while at work, I think the best alternative is to bring coconut bread. I wish there was some chicken sausage close by where I work!

    Update: Today I finally had a “very bad” reaction to sunflower seeds. I was intolerant to them for the first 4 months of the diet, but starting this week I have noticed more symptoms. I ate some like usual today and I felt a brain fog, burning feeling in my skin, and shortness of breath. I can’t believe it, but this has been poisoning me all along!

    I am wondering how much this has held me back? I eat about 2 cups worth everyday 5 days a week (for 4 months). I feel like an idiot…seriously.


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    Raster, this is why I always made it a point to pay extremely close attention to my body’s reactions to everything I ate, even foods I had eaten over and over before. If I felt “different” in any way – and it wasn’t really a pleasant feeling – then I assumed there was a reason for the feeling, and I would dig deep in order to analyze any possible problems with the food I had eaten. That’s why I’ve always advised against nuts, seeds, all fruit, brown rice, and ALL types of grains, etc. all along on the forum – unless absolutely necessary such as with vegetarians or vegans.

    You were so close to that no-symptoms-from-now- own place, now all you can do is to stop eating the culprits and hope that the ‘lack’ of symptoms you’ve been experiencing returns.

    Good luck to you.

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