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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here and have some questions related to re-introduction of foods.

    But first! Some background:

    * Three months ago I felt fatigued and developed thrush

    * I took conventional medication such as fluconazole, recommended by my doctor, but the thrush has been re-occuring (almost without pause) for the last three months. I would take the one-off tablet and be clear for a few days before it returned. All up, I had 3 treatments.

    * I then saw a specialist who placed me on a longer term fluconazole treatment, and advised me to follow the candida diet. The fluconozole treatment will end in two months.

    I would really love to re-introduce some foods on the ‘foods to re-introduce’ list later in the diet (I am only 2 weeks into it). I would also hope, in the distant future, to introduce the occasional naughty treat or meal out at a restaurant without relapsing. I feel that the best way to do this is to knock the candida out hard initially; meaning I follow the diet without cheating for quite some time before I try to reintroduce things. It would be great to know how to handle this given that I am also taking the fluconazole. For example, I am (almost) thrush free now; but that could be the pills and not the diet. It is definitely wrong to re-introduce foods at this stage. Does it seem reasonable to stay on the diet for 2.5 months (half a month beyond the end of the medication dosage), and then reintroduce the ‘foods to reintroduce’, and then a few months later (3?) bring back some conventional items (the occasional meal out, the occasional birthday cake etc). Then I will hopefully be able to eat the food at my own wedding night in February. You may think I am in denial (and maybe I am?) but I honestly do not believe that candida can take hold so well, that I need to be on this diet for the rest of my life (I am only 25 and have only had the issue for a short while). My partner and I used to go out to meals together and that was how we spent our couple-time; we don’t party or drink alcohol, so this diet has taken away a lot of the romance and enjoyment in my life. I desperately want that again.

    Let me know what you think of my plan, and of my diet so far. Here are the foods I have eaten:


    foods i ate during my 3 day ‘cleanse’ (it was a partial cleanse because i needed enough energy to attend work; yes i cheated and had small amounts of meat)

    * canndex (a probiotic tablet)

    * egg

    * chicken

    * beef

    * rosemary

    * baby spinach

    * salt

    * pepper

    * olive oil

    * zuccini

    * cucumber

    * avocado

    * apple cider vinegar

    * red onion

    * garlic

    * pecans

    * almond milk


    Since then I have expanded to include:


    * Bioceuticals probiotic instead of Canndex (this one has more strains of bacteria)

    * Kefir

    * Saurkraut

    * Pro biotic natural yoghurt

    * Quinoa (puffed and grain)

    * Millet Puffs

    * Buckwheat puffs

    * shredded dry coconut

    * celery

    * paprika

    * cayenne pepper

    * coconut flour

    * almond flour

    * ground flax meal

    * aluminium free bicarb soda

    * tomatoes

    * basil

    * chicory root coffee

    * green olives in salt, water and lactic acid.

    * salmon

    * dill

    * fennel

    * parsely



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    I hope you are eating tomatoes in low quantities because in high quantities its high in sugar.  The beef can take 2+ days to digest and isn’t recommended on the diet because of this reason (same with pork) and you’ll likely feel better without it.

    The antifungal drugs have maybe 50% success rate or so, so hope it works out.  Yeast is very stubborn and aggressive and come back quite easily.

    Your plan sounds pretty ideal but most people don’t go back to regular western diets which got them here in the first place.  For me, its taken about 3-4 years to be able to handle regular foods with no drawbacks, but I never took antifungal drugs.



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    Oh no! I’ve been over-loading on tomatoes the last few days because the things I have been cooking have not worked out. ( so I just eat a tomato instead to get me through). Thanks for the warning;  I’ll fill the void with sauerkraut or something else from now on.

    I definitely go for the chicken more than the beef ( I’ve eaten a very small amount since starting the diet).

    The pills appear to work short term but not without the diet help. I only had two symptoms;  fatigue and thrush. The diet has gotgotten rid of my fatigue but I am dropping weight really fast because I get home from work and try to prepare food, but then it doesn’t always work out and I just end up eating a tomato or a small amount of yoghurt to stave off the hunger. Hopefully as I get better at cooking the recipes it won’t be so hard.

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll let you know how it goes or if I relapse after the first bite of pasta 5 months from now. I dont intend to go crazy and eat a huge bowl, but a small amount with a heap of vegetables will be the way I go.


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    I would aim for brown rice pasta, it tastes the same basically.  Use goats cheese instead of cows cheese and yogurt if possible.

    Low sugar fruits best for diet include citrus fruits, berries, apricots (1g of sugar per apricot), watermelon, and green apples contain 20g of sugar per serving (so a little higher).

    My wife freezes many of her meals and prepares them all at once.


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