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    Hi all,

    Ever since I was a kid, Ive always had a white tongue. It was never really that bad or annoyingnas a kid, but I am in high school now and the main problem it causes is bad breath. I can always tell my breath smells, especially after meals. After I eat, the bacteria on the back of my tongue (maybe even my throat, i dont know for sure) grows back immediately. I believe this yeast or bacteria is what is causing it. For the past 8 months i have used an orabrush tongue scraper and nystatin prescribed by my doctor. He said i might have thrush but the nystatin didnt help me AT ALL. My doctor told me thats just how my tongue is. All i want to do in my life is get rid of the bacteria or yeast or candida fungus. My diet is actually very healthy already. I eat pleanty of vegetables and fruit. I try to avoid dairy when i can since it feeds the bacteria but i drink almond milk. I also work out a lot. I have muscle on every part of my body. All I try to do is be healthy but this stupid candida is messing up my life. I cant talk to anyone unless i have gum in my mouth or my halitosis might kill them. When i dont have gum in my mouth, my mouth will become EXTREMELY DRY AND EXTREMELY STICKY. If i dont brush my teeth after a meal, my saliva will become sticky like glue. I brush my teeth greatly. I also do a great job of flossing. Im guessing i have a weak immune system or something like that. The day after christmas i am going to start the candida diet. I will plan on cleansing for 7 days starting december 26.

    Other info: if i scrape my tongue with orabrush, not all of bacteria comes off. It just looks like i gave it a buzz cut. And it grows back overnight anyway. I can post pics of my tongue if anyone could give me tips. Please somebody help me. I feel so alone going through this and its ruining my life. I cant think of my future because nobody will want to deal with my breath. Please i need an expert or anybody who knows something since my doctor wont do a thing!

    Please comment toughts about what it is since ive had itmsince a child and if you think the candida diet will work or help

    Thanks 🙁


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    you might consider Oil pulling with extra virgin coconut oil first thing in the morning which has helped many with this issue. There’s a link in protocol about it, rather easy. I’ve also heard of swishing probiotics or even gargling probiotics mixed in water as a method which helps.

    However, many report what is termed “oral thrush” to resolve as they work the protocol.

    Personally, I include brushing my tongue as the last step to brushing my teeth every night and it helps a lot but, when I cheat dietwise, it can come back.

    Many healing blessings on your healing journey and wishing you holiday graces to you and yours.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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