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    Currently i’m eating yoghurt bought in the supermarket. They add the cultures after pasteurization. However, if I make my own yoghurt, and ferment it for longer, would it be possible to eleminate more lactose? I get so much rashes from the normal yoghurt.


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    I think longer fermentation produces less lactose and more beneficial bacteria in yoghurt. Better yet, though, you should try making kefir! It tastes great and has a far greater number of beneficial bacteria than yoghurt.


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    i believe if you strain the whey most the lactose is in it but i see whey protein is supposed to be low lactose i have read the whey has the lactose and that it dont on different sites if its fermented for 24 hrs maybe the whey will be more lactose free and thats why it is scd legal so to be safe strain store bought with a silk or cotton shirt or silk screen clean and boil in between uses, strain at least 8 hrs add back water if needed

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