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    hey guys, today i went to a GP in australia, i had only previously seen my GP in new zealand, because i have been still so sick and reacting to things like eggplant, and my rash has still been occuring and i have been depressed and extremely fatugued and losing more weight, and my acupuncturist recommended i get some bloods done. so today i went to see a lovely GP who looked at my rash and said she felt sorry for me, that is how bad it has been, and she thinks i probably have systemic lupus and candida is just a secondary infection. i have spent the rest of today researching on the net and i think she is spot on, but have to wait for blood test results next week. i feel weird, like gutted but happy i may actually have a diagnosis. has anyone got any advice or know much about treating candida with lupus or anything like this? i have read that its best to stay pretty much on the strict diet of veg that im on now, very occasionally fresh fish and organic chicken.. any comments or advice much appreciated!

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