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    I was unable to cleanse and am trying to follow the strict diet but my fainting problem is acting up. My legs felt heavy and strange yesterday and I was very achy. Last night I felt ill and hot and almost lost consciousness on the way to the bathroom. Do any of the supplements lower blood pressure? I took milk thistle, molybdenum,nettle tea, acacia powder, oolong tea, 2 probiotics. My diet was restricted yesterday but not perfect…I had a small piece of chicken that wasn’t organic as I was out all day and very hungry.

    Are there some supplements that help people with low blood pressure fainting issues to complete diet?

    Also how do you get the kefir advised on the diet?


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    Fainting during any diet can occur from several different causes; simply not eating enough, a mineral shortage, or low blood glucose. Adding more food may be all you need since it can usually stop all of the causes above. Add just a medium amount of some type of dried beans to your diet until you feel more like checking out the bread recipes and begin eating it every day. Look at the number of carbs you’re eating and try to add to the amount simply by eating more food; 50 grams a day when starting the diet is usually sufficient. Are you eating eggs throughout the day in order to keep your protein amount up?

    Kefir can be purchased as a starter kit or you can purchase the grains and make your own. I would try to find the starter kits first so that you can add more carbs to your diet asap. A lot of health food stores carry the kits, and they can also be found online. The one below is a good quality brand.



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    How much food are you eating on the diet? How long have you been on the diet?

    You need to eat 3 meals a day that contain 3-4 courses each and you need snacks in between meals. Eating celery is perfect for blood sugar problems.



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    If you have a “fainting problem,” you should probably consult your doctor before starting radical diets. Most people will be able to adjust after 1-2 weeks, but if you have some sort of condition you might need to take special precautions. Eating some carbs with your protein can help prevent hypoglycaemia if you’re susceptible to it.


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    I haven’t been eating much as I haven’t had time to buy the kefir but I will try to make this. I can carry celery around with me but not sure if that will be enough. I am not sure with the strict diet what I can carry with me for food as I do eat 2 eggs each morning for breakfast. I have been taking milk thistle but noticed it isn’t good to take with a ragweed allergy which I have. I also wondered if the molybdenum pills could cause the reaction? How long is it necessary to sweat in the sauna as I do worry re: fainting? I can only manage 10 minutes but can’t get there daily. Does anyone have carry around snack suggestions for the strict phase of the diet? I was thinking of sardines?

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