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    Uau this forum is great. Hello. I´m on stage 1 and I have a few questions. Today I eat for lunch 2 boiled turnip and for dinner one big salad with onions and some spinach. Isn´t this a lot of vagetables? I mean I know that vegetables haven´t a lot of sugar but they have a litle of sugar and my question is will that feed candida. How much vegetables I can eat?


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    Oh my GOD this is also my question. I will wait for answers :D.


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    You asked this exact question is the topic “So confuse with STAGE ONE The strict diet topic”, and received an answer of “eat all the veggies you want”



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    I wouldn’t worry about the amount of veggies you eat. Check out this website for information about the foods you eat, the main thing to be concerned about is the amount of sugar:



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    So my diet is right? I can eat all that veggies? Because I mean 2 turnips more 1 big salad and onions with spinach have a lot of sugar but ok I trust on raster 😀

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