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    I discovered I was suffering from Candidosis last week. I had had a UTI, followed by a vaginal infection, then a sinus infection all in the same week. I was also constantly needing to sleep, and feeling more and more dizzy until I finally came across this website.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to read into the details before I started self treating. I immediately went on the diet set up by Lisa Richards and stuffed myself with probiotics and antifungals, thinking “the faster the better”. Only to realize, four days later, that the reason why I was feeling so much worse, going into hypothermia, getting UTI symptoms, another vaginal infection, was because of the die-off.

    Now that I’ve read a little more, I’ve completely stopped taking antifungals and probiotics. I’ve also been taking NAC (from “now”), Vitamin C and Milk Thistle for the past three days, as well as an epsom salt bath a day.

    I noticed a difference almost instantly, when I was feeling full of energy last night, after having taken 5000mg of Vitamin C that day, 5 NAC pills (600mg), some Milk Thistle and an epsom salt bath. However, today I seem to been completely on the flipside. Even though I take the VItamin C and NAC and Nettle Tea, etc. I still feel exhausted, anxious, out of it mentally and very cold.

    I’m afraid I’m experiencing die-off too intensely and I also feel like I don’t know what to do about it. I couldn’t find Molybdenum supplements anywhere around where I live; the best I have is NAC. I don’t want to get off the diet because I don’t want to experience the symptoms I was getting before I started the treatment, yet I don’t want to experience these die-off symptoms either.

    I’ve also avoided doing a cleanse because I’m intolerant to many raw fruits and vegetables and I’m constantly hungry these days. So I’ve been eating meat with allowed veggies as well as buckwheat and millet and a touch of probiotic greek yoghurt here and there.

    Maybe I’m getting these symptoms because I haven’t cleansed? Maybe I need more supplements? Is it normal I’m having these ups and downs?

    Thoughts? Insight? Anything would be appreciated 🙂




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    Check out my two posts:


    If you can afford it, you likely would benefit from some acupuncture right now or sweating out the toxins in a sauna, hot tub, etc. There are also other detox remedies out there in my die-off remedies post.



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    Totally normal to go up and down too, I would have good days and think oh its over! but then the next day feel the die-off terribly. I have stabilised now and almost all my symptoms have cleared (and die-off reactions) after 4-5 weeks. I started with a cleanse, but its not absolutely necessary, its just the prepare your colon to reset it to get the most out of the veges you are about to load on in there. Fruit is not recommended by Lisa I thought? Where did you get that info from?

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