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    Dear all,

    I am struggling to gain weight since my digestive problems started last year after a stress period.
    I had a white coating on the back of my tongue for months and after taking a powerfull course of antibiotics I had oral thrush. I started antifungal medications (difflucan 100 mg one a day+ Nystatin swisth 4 times daily) but after three days no effect so far. The nystatin is loaded with 50% SUGAR so I am not surprised I do not see effects on my tongue?

    I try to eat more proteins tahn carbs?grains but my problem is if I cut too much carbs I lose immediately weight.
    What can I do? Which carbs/grains do you think I can have while trying to fight against candida.



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    Hi Henri,

    I am exactly the same!.. i started the diet 6 months ago and have dropped so much weight since, i am now classed as ‘clinically underweight’ on the BMI chart which is quite worrying. I weigh in at just 100 pounds it makes me very self concious but with the diet being SO restictive theres not alot you can do. More recently ive started to introduce some low GI carbs such as brown rice (just half a cup a day) steel cut oats and rye crackers. These i feel are safe to eat in MODERATION. Moderation being the key word there!.. Buckwheat, quoina and amaranth are all safe too. Youll benefit best from soaking them overnight, they are more nutrient dense and much easier to digest.

    The mistake i made when trying to gain weight was increasing my fat intake, it seemed to me like the only viable solution. I later found out that fat traps the sugar in the blood and clogs things up inside :S.. so id definatly recommend introducing some low GI carbs, it seems to be working for me! .. a nice bowl of warm steel cut oatmeal in the morning with kefir milk is a great way to start the day! 🙂 YUM!

    Good luck!

    PS- I personally would stop taking the perscriptive anti fungals. Natural anti fungals on rotation can be just as effective but alot less harmful. I hear diflucan can really damage the liver.


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    Hello to each of you.

    Both of you might try making one of the bread recipes which are on the forum under “recipes.” The breads are very good for helping you to gain your weight back or preventing you from losing more. Another good way is purchasing Condensed Coconut Cream. You can make cookies with this using the coconut flour recipe. Also, mix about three heaping tablespoons of the coconut cream to a bowl of organic Greek yogurt, add a little Truvia or Stevia extract, and you have an excellent dessert, plus, eating this two or three times a day should also help you to gain weight. Another way to gain weight is to take organic coconut oil throughout the day by the spoonful.

    Be careful with the red meat proteins as they will often aggravate the Candida infestation because of the ammonia they produce when breaking down in the system. Instead of eating more meat, try to raise the portions of green vegetables. Also, rutabaga is full of fiber and is an excellent antifungal as well. If your infestation is still fairly bad, be careful the first several times you eat it, as it can cause a heavy die-off experience. Start with a very small amount and work your way up to more. An excellent tasting way to prepare it is to slice it into pieces about a quarter of an inch thick, rub olive oil on both sides and bake for about 14 minutes, turning the pieces once. Adding sea salt after baking makes it even tastier.

    I would eat the rye crackers only in moderation, and I believe it depends on how long you stayed on the strict diet as to whether or not you should eat them at all.

    The “recipe” section of the forum is full of helpful recipes, so if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check it out.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


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    I would recommend starting to eat more eggs as well. Research as many types of recipes as you can and starting eating more often. More snacks is important I believe.

    I am trying out the coconut bread, pumpkin pie muffins, and the crackers (all from the recipe part of forum) and I hope they taste good.

    I think buckwheat will become my new best friend! Going to try this out ASAP. The quinoa seems to give me a lot of power!


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    Hello All,
    I am also wondering about this as well. I am already skinny and prior to starting my cleanse i was working out a lot and eating about 6 times a day. Mostly to keep enough protein in my body to feed my muscles. I want to get back in the gym and put weight on again but i just don’t know how to go about it.

    Is it safe for me to eat high protein diet 6 times a day?
    – I know that i cannot have read meat and also i have read to not over due it on the chicken and turkey.

    Is it safe to eat buckwheat several times a day?

    – Is it safe to eat eggs 5 days a week? if so how many?

    – If i use the coconut bread to eat sandwiches what would be used to substitute meat that is high in protien aside from avacado? (being that it is not recommended to eat a lot of meat weekly) IM used to eating about 3 to 4 chicken breast a day.

    I lose weight quickly and my fear is that i am going to lose so much keeping with this diet that i will never be able to gain it back. I am 5’8 165 and on my second day of the detox (no longer drinking the websites detox drink). I have done water fasts before and usually shed 8-10 pounds in 4 to 5 days, so going a few months with no carbs had me freaking out at the though i might drop double or triple that weight. I have been in these forums for at least a good 7 hours straight and like other the information has my brain on overload.

    Is there a way to go about eating for athletic individuals that would allow for weight gain?

    I used to drink shakes prior and read the labels for additives so that i make the right choice. Whey was the way i would get this needed protein between meals, but i have read that it just feeds the candida.

    If your curious my symptoms are fingernail fungus (i believe to be candida), white tongue, stomach pains now and then and spots of skin here and there almost like eczema.

    OP sorry if it seems like i hi-jacked your post.


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    Hello David,

    I think that the amount you eat will go down a whole bunch in time. I have no idea how big you are, but even if you are even slightly overweight…expect your body to normalize to the correct weight levels. It sounds like you aren’t, so you’ll probably have to eat more than I eat. Some people lose as much as 5 pds in the first 2 weeks; this sounds very normal from what I’ve heard.

    Relating to this; candida really influences the bodies tastebuds, cravings, and food preferences before the diet. After the diet, you become like a totally new person in relation to these cravings. You will need significantly less food for the same amount of energy because the food is no longer feeding the candida; the main user of your bodies energy.

    Read able’s post “about the hunger” for more info. For instance, your body will not want sugar nearly as much and other horribly unhealthy foods like deep fried cheese(lol).

    I feel that it is safe to eat a bunch of protein with every meal (but not if its 6 meals a day). 3 servings a day is just fine or so. I think in general, buckwheat is a very safe food to eat a bunch of. It can cause some problems for some candida users much like quinoa (in the above post I rave about it, but a week later I quit it because it gave me a bad reaction…now I don’t recommend it). Buckwheat has done wonders for me as a good rice replacement; I think allergic reactions to these two grains vary.

    I think its safe to eat eggs 7 days a week. I see no downside to eggs. I just wouldn’t eat 20 eggs a day.

    Meats you can have (as far as i’ve seen):
    alligator (and other lizard meats; they got it down in the south!)
    seafood (not all?)

    If you’ve read about whey being bad; then I would go to something else as a replacement.

    Do you have any IBS, sleep problems, fatigue, brain fog, allergic reactions? Either way, this diet most likely can heal/cure some/many of your ailments. For me its taken a long time, but I am also a smoker and have been very unhealthy for the last 10 years.

    Some/most people notice results immediately, in like less than 2 weeks.

    What kind of fasting are you doing? Able had a good post recently about a better cleanse that didn’t involve the clay and psyllium husks; so you may look into that.

    I’d also consider consulting a nutritionist if you can afford it. They probably have a better idea of a good diet you should do to get the maximum benefit possible.

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