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    I seem to have a giant hurdle before I can begin killing candida: my liver. Whenever I take antifungals I get a terrible rash, become incredibly tired, and my adrenals crash. It doesn’t go away until I stop taking the antifungals and take time to recover. I feel that my liver is so toxic just from having candida that I can’t clear it until my liver’s clean. On the reverse side, it seems I can’t cleanse my liver because I’m so toxic with Candida.

    I’m taking Renew Life’s Liver Detox (again)and I’m also taking pantethine to counter acetaldehyde. I’ve done coffee enemas regularly for the past four years, but now they seem to cause me to crash, although they’re the only thing that clears up the rash. I’m thinking of adding ornithine to neutralize ammonia because my urine often has an ammonia smell and it bleaches out the crotch of my underwear. Is there anything else I can do at this point?


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    Consider trying out my liver cleanse which last 2-3 months:



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    In addition to Raster’s suggestions, maybe consider Burdock Root? It’s not specifically for the liver and is known more as a blood purifier/cleanser (probably partly because it’s a diuretic helping to eliminate waste) but I have seen it included in some liver detox formulas and is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems including acne and eczema. It didn’t help with my acne since I believe I have hormonal acne, but it helped my eczema probably by 70%. I only took it for short while until the bottle ran out.

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