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    Hi all,
    This is my first post, but been studying long time.
    Has anyone tried LDA short for low dose allergy therapy? It takes all my symptoms away and I can eat whatever I want with no reactions. It helps your body create T suppressor cells that are suppressed by the Mannan from candida. If this shot is coupled with diet and anti fungals it may be the key to helping the immune system recover cell mediated immunity. This is a theory I am testing now. One year into the shots, was eating sugar drinking beers with no reactions but over did it on my last shot and got some gastritis, and IBS back. My symptoms were severe eczema, IBS, CFS, multiple allergies especially sugar, dust, mold. Also cleared my chronic herpes infection in my eczema….indicating that T suppressor cells are proliferating even in the presence of mannan fom candida. Some people are cured by the shot others need to continue, but this may be related to whether they are addressing other issues simultaneously. I am down to once every three months for the shot. Any comments appreciated. Jorge?

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