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    I really feel the need to reach out to the forum today. I just had the last of my amalgam fillings removed.
    I use to have eight all together. I had four of them removed about 5 years ago and four taken out today.

    I have been on the strict candida diet and I could not recover no matter how hard I tried. I knew something else was going on. I won’t list all of my health problems, but they have been so bad I was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction at a Dysautonomia Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. I have had lot of health problems that center around my head and face. I had unexplained allergic reactions in my face, I have a granuloma in my throat, I have a chronic eye infection and chronic sinusitis. I use to have chronic fungal rashes , but they cleared up once I started the diet. My weight has reached an all time low and I was preparing to go back to the Mayo Clinic, but I did not really expect them to be able to help me.

    I have had the experience of the going to many doctors with no real answers or real help. I thought about having my fillings removed sooner but there is so much mixed information and I feared my dentist would not be open to removing them. I was watching a documentary called Food Matters and around the 44 minute mark it mentions the dangers of mercury in amalgam. I also found that the FDA’s panel of experts recommends they not be used in children and pregnant women. After reading several personal stories online,I knew I had to talk to my dentist. I was worried my dentist would not listen to me, but I was wrong. After explaining just some of my health problems, he agreed to remove them. He was very open to the idea and could understand why I would want them removed.

    Here is the clip from Food Matters that inspired me to do something.
    mercury fillings

    Here is a video clip that appears to be for British television.
    Mercury amalgam

    The last time I went through airport security I had the full body scan and set off the alarm. I could see the monitor and the hot spots were where my kidneys and stomach are. Maybe it was just too much iron in my diet I don’t know. I have already starting researching the process of oral chelation. Dr Cutler’s book appears to have the most positive feedback of anything I have found. I understand it can take years to recover. I have searched on the forum for information, but if anyone has any other advice, suggestions and comments please let me know. I really appreciate any feedback I can get at this point.
    Thank you

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