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    Hi Folks
    I’ve been struggling with this diet/protocol/treatment for 8 months.
    I cheated miserably a few times & started over so in truth it has been 3 months of total complete strict diet & protocol. I do NOT recommend cheating, it’s a waste of time, $$, energy & above all health !!

    While being on this diet I’ve suffered from UTI’s 3 times, twice treating it herbally & once I was out of my herbal remedy & it was so bad I had to take antiobiotics. So I decided to take supplements to stave off the UTI’s by keeping the tract clean with Cranactin & D-Mannose powder.

    Thanks to this forum, I noticed that the Cranactin has maltodextrin is basically sugar. I thought the D-Mannose was fine but this past week I’ve been suffering badly with extreme fatigue, brain fog, headaches, stomach cramps & my newest enterprise diarrhea (I learned to spell it correctly too). After doing research I found out D-Mannose is also sugar derived.

    I swear I feel like I can’t win with this !!!

    So moral of the story –
    Do better research than me !!!

    above all keep at it, it gets better when I get out of my way !!
    good luck
    ps – I’ve been drinking ACV every day which is recommended on the diet


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    Also I am now taking Molybdenum until my reactions subside.

    And I’ve been on 200 billion CFU’s of probiotics which are literally saving my but !!


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    If I look at something and it has more than like three ingredients I just put it back. The lower the ingredients the better pretty much


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    I have had a lot of uti over the past few years and cranberry tablets work a dream, but you can also flush out the infection by drinking lots of water.

    Have you ever wondered why you seem to want to pee when you have a uti even when not much comes out???? Your body DOES want to pee out the infection but it needs HEAPS of water to do it. i drink like 2-3 litres of water and every time i go the stinging gets less and less and by the end of the day its gone.

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