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    I am gearing up to start the diet soon and am looking into this kefir business. I have been gluten free for about half a year and trying dairy free as well for the last several months. I seem to notice that when I have any kind of dairy I have the same terrible pain in my neck and back muscles that gluten gives me. I could be mistaken and something else is causing it…but it seemed to me to be that dairy consumption was causing it. Does anyone have advice concerning the BEST form of kefir that is going to eat this candida? I have seen those posting about water kefir and also almond or coconut milk kefir but want what will be the most effective.

    Also, if milk is the suggestion is raw milk preferred or even safe? It seems kind of scary to be drinking warm curdled milk…thats what kefir is right? Isnt there risk of bachelism or something bad from that? Thanks for any help and advice! 🙂


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    I would try out goat’s milk kefir because most people who are lactose intolerant are not allergic to goat’s milk, and I would also try out coconut water kefir.



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    The beneficial acids released by the kefir “grains” makes the milk (of whatever variety) too acidic for botulism.


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    Hi Dave,
    You can make coconut milk kefir. I find it very refreshing. Contat Cultures for Health. Thats where I purchased my kefir grains. They are great there. They are nice to newbies and are ready to answer any questions. Enoy the experience!


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    hey raster, so coconut water is ok even tho it contains sugars? i get so freaked out now when i c something has sugar in it!!! even naturally occuring like coconut water. thanks!


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    The kefir grains will eat the sugar, and there’ll be much less once you actually drink the kefir.


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    I’ve been using water kefir for months now. I am curious if it is less effective than goat or other kefirs. Can anyone explain why they would be so different? are they different grains?

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