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    I suffer from Leaky gut and so originally it seemed to me that I am unable to reap the benefits of this wonderful food, until I discovered you can use alternatives. This would mean I would have to use dairy free coconut milk surely, and so the mixture would be rather thin. Any solutions? Also I’ve learnt that the grains are stored in cow’s milk.. If so surely its not enough to worry about?

    Many thanks,


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    The grains have to be stored in something which contains a form of sugar; since cow’s milk contains lactose, this makes it a perfect storage substance for bacteria. I don’t think this fact would bother you personally.

    A lot of people have made their kefir from goat’s milk, coconut milk, and even water with success.



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    Thanks Able. FYI I re-edited my “Formula SF722 and Nystatin” thread to say that Im consuming 7-8 spoonfuls per day and rising. Its my little treat!


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    I drink coconut water (not milk) kefir. I bought some at Whole Foods (Inner Eco brand), but I just ordered kefir water grains off ebay that should be arriving any day now to make my own. I really dislike dairy, so I’m hoping I can just stick with this.


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    I’m also allergic to all dairy so I make my kefir with water. You just have to make sure the grains have eaten up all the sugar, usually 2 days. I have kept my grains working for up to 7 days with no problems. Make sure you use Sucanat it works the best. AND put some trace minerals into it too. The grains love them!


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    Im waiting on my grains to arrive also and I will use coconut milk. Can you give us a quick recipe including the coconut milk? Thanks~

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