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    Just curious what others have heard about this stuff. It is suppose to alkalize the body…which I understand is the OPPOSITE goal of people with Candida.

    Does anyone think this “miracle water” could be setting many individuals up for a candida problem? 🙁 At the very least, create an environment less friendly to good bacteria and more friendly to Candida.

    I watched some videos on YouTube and found it very interesting what they say this stuff does. I’m curious to know how much is true…and what are the real reasons people loose weight/feel better while drinking it.

    I found out about this water through a coworker. She has been VERY tired lately and thinks she might have an ulcer. A friend of hers recommended that she give this water a try.

    I feel like I should advise her not to drink this water but don’t know enough about it to make a strong case. My main worry is that drinking this water might make her worse off than she already is. Especially since she appears to have some symptoms of a Candida issue and has taken antibiotics a few times in the past several months.

    Open to any advice! Thanks so much!


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