Itchy feet and belly. Anyone else have this? Other possibly-related symptoms?

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    I have battled with vaginal yeast infections on and off for about 10 years. Coupled with that I have high stress/anxiety, chronic post nasal trip, and general fatigue. I tend to blame antibiotics (this all got kicked off with a case of oral thrush as a result of antibiotics, but it might also have been resulting from the pill).

    Any time I have gotten rid of a yeast infection, I always felt that it never really went away; that it was just in remission. The reason I have felt that is that even when there is no vaginal yeast infection, I have a strange itchy sensation to the left of my belly button. When I go to scratch it, I realize that the itch feels internal and I can’t reach it. Also, my feet itch right where my heels meet the rest of the bottom of my foot. Looking at a reflexology picture I see that area of the foot is the small intestine. Interesting.

    -Does anyone else have an itch in either of these places?

    I am planning on starting phase 3 of the diet on Saturday, but I don’t really know if I have kicked the candida or not. My die off (if it has even happened) has been rather mild. I have a sore throat and have been dizzy. Yesterday and today I have been especially dizzy.

    I am taking Threelac and Caprystatin (pill form of caprylic acid as recommended by a natural pharmacist). If this diet doesn’t work, I plan to try acupuncture next. I’ve also quit the pill, which I have been on for 10 years. I’m hoping this combination will do the trick.

    Other possible symptoms?

    -I’ve had chronic back pain for the past year and a half in my rhomboid muscle. Could this be related too? My right ear is often clogged too. It might just be allergies, but maybe not?

    Frustrated, but hopeful,



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    Hi coleyshark,

    I think you should try MMS. You can find some info here:

    I believe this is a very nice replacement for Antibiotic. In addition, it doesn’t compromise the intestinal flora, as antibiotics do. Besides, it is fantastic against many other ailments: malaria, arthritis, infections… It’s a very potent pathogen killer.

    You can buy it here:
    Bear in mind you will also need citric acid to activate it or some lemon drops.

    Hope this helps!

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