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    Hi people, I’m new here though I’m suffering from many symptoms for years now. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything and I have 33 symptoms of candida. What do You think about the white stuff on my tongue, may it mean I’m suffering of a candida overgrowth? I’ve heard about candida more less 2 months ago, since then I’m on a diet, oregano oil and now, for 3rd day I’m using a soda/honey treatment.


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    looks like Candida to me.


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    What’s the soda/honey treatment? If this involves actual soda and/or honey I would think twice before using it.


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    Well, I know soda isn’t fully safe to drink but I’m sick and tired of being sick and I’m also tired of doctors ignoring my problems. This kind of treatment is recommended all along the websites about yeast overgrowth and it really makes me feel better, my diarrhea, constipation and bloating are gone and I don’t feel as weak as I’ve felt before I started this soda treatment. 2 months ago I’ve started this diet and oregano oil, firstly I was starting to feel better but after a month the symptoms grown to even worse than they were before I started to drink oregano oil mixed with water. I’ve got another question if anyone would be kind to answer – is that spit test in the glass of water in the morning where you observe after some time if there are “legs” going down out of your spit is a hoax? Because that’s what many doctors said to me when I’ve asked about it.


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    Looks like oral thrush!



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    If it is candida then what should I do with it? I’m totally lost, I mean I’m not even sure what am I sick of and doctors keeps saying that I’m healthy but I just don’t feel healthy for like 6 years now. Maybe if I write some details You’ll know for sure if it’s candida or not. First of all all the symptoms started at once, and here is the list of some of them:
    -stomach problems and pains
    -this white tongue coating
    -hair loss (hair were falling enormously for maybe 2 months and then stopped falling, for 6 years I haven’t lost any more hair)
    -bad smell (feet, armpit) and I sweat pretty fast)
    -often feeling weak and having swollen eyelids
    -waking up tired already, with headache, paleface and swollen eyelids (even after much sleep)
    -vision problems (blurry seeing)
    -bad breath (I brush my teeth twice and chew orbits and airwaves, nothing helps)
    -when I start to feel bad, I also have problems with gathering my thoughts and calming my nerves.
    and some more… like urethra – pollakiuria, pain in the testicle, but always one at a time, never both. So basically it’s stomach+head+tongue+sweating+eyes+exhaustion+reproductive system.

    PS. I feel better when I eat only candida approved food. So, is this candida? How can I check it to be 100% sure that it is candida?

    Oh, I’m doomed! 🙁

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