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    about a year and a half ago I developed a horrible lower abdominal stomach ache. It progressively got worse over a month time frame. Im not one to go to the hospital unless im in serious pain. it got to the point where i couldn’t sleep at night and was a constant pain level of 5-7.
    I finally went to the doctor and they drew blood and tested for an infection which came back negative. They thought it was due to my IBS, and a possible case of SIBO(small intestinal bacteria overgrowth).
    they prescribed me some cipro(only 2 weeks) and scheduled me for a colonoscopy. I started feeling better from day 1 of the cipro and by the end of the 2 weeks i was cured(or so i thought). I was a happy camper and canceled my colonoscopy(im only 37) and continued on with my life.
    About 2 weeks later my pains started to return, and this time i also was having pain in my testicles along with stomach and rectal pains.
    I started doing research and came across some possible causes. 3 of which were Candida(i dont have any rashes, but my tongue is always white), Gluten intolerance, and Leaky Gut.
    The pain almost forced me to change my diet, because to me it was the only sensible thing that could help me. I cut out gluten, sugar, & dairy. I also started taking probiotics, and healing my gut with l-glutamine. it was slow, but after 4 months i felt a ton better, along with dropping from 215 lbs. to 178(mostly due to cutting out sugar, and breads).
    I felt cured, and returned to eating normal foods. my thought was the leaky gut caused the gluten to leak into my system which in turn caused my body to attack it and resulted in inflammation which caused all my pain and symptoms.
    after a few months, my stomach was still doing good, but now i started having more prostatitis symptoms(pain in left testicle, and pain in rectum ect). It continued to get worse, and i went back to the doctor, who tested for a bacterial infection which came back negative.
    he prescribed me cipro again and the antibiotics cycle started, long story short, i cycled through 3 different antibiotics of two month doses over the next 8 months. The symptoms would always return. I just figured i had to deal with it! FU#K CHRONIC PROSATITIS!
    over the last 2 months my 5 year old was throwing up every over day, had chronic diarrhea, and was extremely lethargic. we took her to the DOC 4 times over the next 2 weeks(including blood, and stool sample tests). they all thought it was a stomach virus that just needed to run its course. We finally took her to a gastro specialist who immediately suspected Celiac Disease after looking at the same blood test results the other doctors had looked at.
    I immediately put her on a gluten free diet and she slowly started to improve over the next 3 days. stools were more normal, more energy, no throwing up. She was scheduled an Endoscope biopsy test the next week to confirm celiacs disease. we had to start giving her gluten again for the test to be accurate, which caused her symptoms to return. It was confirmed that she has a serious case of celiacs(level 1).
    I then realized this was genetic from my side, and started researching the Gluten/Chronic prostatitis connection. I was pretty sure that this was what was causing my prostatitis symptoms. The inflammation from the gluten intolerance was causing my symptoms.
    After cutting out gluten for a week straight my prostatitis symptoms reduced dramatically to the point i felt normal again.

    My advice to anyone with chronic non bacterial prostatitis, IBS, bloating, blatter issues, or any other inflammation causing symptoms to eliminate gluten from your diet! I strongly believe it is the culprit for most cases that cant seem to figure out what is causing the issues. It will take time when you initially change(3 months+) due to the damage done to the digestive system.
    Gluten intolerance/gluten sensitivity is not as extreme as celiacs, so it causes its issues gradually which is why so many people and doctors are scratching their head wonders what is going on. it has been linked to some cases of fibromyalgia, and Autism, which people assume there is no cure. THERE IS A CURE!

    Think about it like this: HUMANS ARE NOT MEANT TO EAT WHEAT… PERIOD!
    your dog cant eat certain foods. horses cant eat certain foods. humans cant eat certain foods.
    how many humans have you seen walk up to a wheat grass growing in the wild and eat it? NO ONE!
    this is where humans creativity and knowledge backfired.

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