is it safe to be on a candida diet?

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    Hello all, It seems a silly question but with different diets and many of them not being safe of not getting enough vitamins and minerals calcium etc? Also I wondered being on a candida diet is it wheat, gluten and dairy free? Iv got a slight allergy to all of thoses 🙁 How do you lot cope? Iv seen a quick list of the foods we should eat and I guess by looking at it Iv got to start being well prepared to be on an ongoing candida diet 🙁


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    This diet seems to dovetail nicely with the GFCF diet I need to use. It’s a bit more restrictive, and some of the things I do to have bread while avoiding gluten have to be suspended for the first three weeks. The first part of this diet really demands the suspension of any type of bread.


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    this is just my opinion, based only on my experience and my own personal issues. But… I have found that cutting out the real no-no foods and combining them with pau darco and acidopilus has been enough.

    I don’t have a major overgrowth issue but have found that if I eat marmite (yeast extract) I get an infection. It took a while but until recently I hadn’t had a yeast infection in over a month.

    Personally I would do your research. Read all the diets and see what the comonalities are and start there. I cut out almost all yeast (inc mushrooms), almost all sugar and vinager (apart from cider vinager), added the anti-fungals and that was enough. But, as I say I don’t have a major problem.

    I don’t eat meat so I had to change the diet for my own purposes on the basis that the diet relies on people eating large quantites of meat.

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