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    A new doctor suggested trying Glycine to help with Leaky Gut. I purchased the NowFood brand, and notice it has a sweet taste. There are NO additives at all. It is literally just the Glycine powder.

    Glycine is an amino acid and I’ve seen ppl post about it before, but just because of the taste, I wanted to double check to make sure it’s safe.




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    Glycine is indeed an amino acid. Pure glycine does have a (moderately) sweet taste, so there’s no need to worry.

    I would, however, question the effect of glycine on leaky gut. Glycine is an amino acid which is present in in proteins. So if your diet contains sufficient amounts of protein (which it should!), you already obtain enough glycine to support the body’s needs. Even if your diet is glycine-deficient, your body is able to chemically synthesize glycine from other amino acids.



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