is getting better even possible on corticosteroids?

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    I’ve basically hit my limit of frustration on this diet. I’ve been doing it for over 2 years now, and am still having symptoms. This is very frustrating because I’ve basically put my life and finances on hold to get better. My problem started after 1 week of antibiotics. Prior to that, I never had a yeast infection or problem related to this in my life. I’ve been on corticosteroids for a health condition since I was 13. It never caused me any problems except maybe some early osteoporosis. Anyway, I have to take these steroids forever. I have no choice and there is no alternative. I feel like I am spinning my wheels here, and am beginning to wonder if getting better is even a possibility for me. I’m just not willing to give up countless more years of my life to fix this.

    Recently, I had my one big cheat day — of the year– and nothing happened. I felt no worse/no better. I’m beginning to lose faith and wonder what is the point.

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