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    Hi everyone!

    I’m a 21 year old female college student and I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 years ago. I have had digestive problems ever since, and found out about my Candida overgrowth this past fall. So I’ve been on a completely gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free, etc. diet since about November, and while I feel like i’ve improved, I also am getting new/and old symptoms. I’ve been dealing with a lot of nausea lately..where I will feel extremely nauseous after meals that I know are completely compliant with the Candida diet. I also was on nystatin for a few months and so I’m pretty sure I’m over the die-off symptoms. I still have constant stomach pain and I don’t really know what’s causing this nausea. It’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid to eat foods that should be safe..and I feel like i can’t eliminate much more from my diet or I won’t be getting enough of the nutrients that I need to remain as active as I am.

    But the main reason I’m posting is because I’m currently studying abroad in Ireland for the semester and I’m worried about international travel to countries where English is not spoken. I have such a hard time eating in restaurants now, I just don’t know what I’m going to do when I can’t speak the language and I’m forced to eat at restaurants all the time because I’ll be staying in cheap hostels. I’m traveling to Switzerland for 4 days in this coming week and then to Prague the following weekend. I’m going to print out restaurant cards explaining my allergies in multiple languages, but I still have no idea if that is even enough. I don’t want to starve for four days but I also don’t want to be feeling like I’m going to vomit while trying to enjoy Zurich. I also can’t check my luggage so I can’t bring too much food with me. Has anyone had to travel to non-English speaking countries with their many dietary restrictions?? I’m desperate for advice or something to put me at ease! I’m determined to not let my dietary restrictions stop me from experiencing the world, but I can’t help worry about the situation!


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    I don’t think Switzerland will be that difficult. People  do learn english in school, so they will most likely understand you and if you have those notes they will understand that I am sure.. If you don’t want to go to a restaurant you could try going to a supermarket and get your food there.

    I haven’t been traveling a lot being sick, but I’ve been trough some airpots and I find the most exotic countries (like asia) to be most difficult, but Europe I think will be fine. I’m scandinavian and we have no problem speaking and understanding English.

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