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    I used to train daily, active as much as I could be. A thousand friends and family who loved to be around me. A leader, and a listener. Candida took my faculties away from me, and then I made it worse by caving in and feeling sorry for myself. Putting off the diet when I knew what was wrong with me.

    Now I’m starting back at square one. I adopted the forum’s protocol, did a 10 day cleanse, and I’m on day 26 total. The molybendum supplement and saunas are saving me from extreme die off.

    I took a yoga class today for the first time, I jog when I have enough energy. I do push ups when I can. I’m really getting back to basics. I’m going to slowly build myself back up to race mode, but that will take months.

    In my opinion, pushing yourself doesn’t make you heal faster. If you’re suffering from a true candida infestation, your body has been taxed with it for awhile, and it needs to calm down and rest. Kind of like rebooting a computer. You can try to install software (the protocol in our case), but you’ve got to “restart” your hard drive for the protocol to truly work.

    I’m viewing my treatment as a “rebirth”. I’m meditating, reading “Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life”, going to the sauna daily, running, yoga, golf, sunshine, laughing, you name it. I am seeing a huge difference. I’m only a month in, and I sang in the car this morning and “felt” alive for the first time since I started this diet.

    There will be set backs, they say this is a 2 steps forward, 1 step back experience. All I know is that the diet is working for me. The food is boring at first, but now I like it, mainly because it doesn’t make me ill like pizza would. If I eat only organic eggs, salads & baby spinach, zucc, squash, green beans, onions & green peppers…then I don’t have symptoms of Candida, as long as I remember to go to the sauna. Now, I’ve got to take my time, test foods like coconut flour bread and eventually yogurt…start drinking Kefir (my first batch is almost done) daily, up my vitamins, introduce prebiotics and probiotics, and I hope to be symptom free in a few months. Won’t that be AMAZING!

    My plan is to then stay on forum’s strict version (phase 2) for 6 months to ensure I’ve completely healed myself and returned my intestinal flora back to balance. Then, I will slowly test my gut by reintroducing foods. My goal is to rid this infestation, get back to a normal life that consists of eating out, healthy and conveniently. And yes, I definitely plan to drink alcohol again. Have a beer at a gigantic stadium of my choosing, a cocktail in San Destin, wine in Vegas or Chicago or California. It’s all possible if I stick with this plan. I haven’t read anywhere of someone staying on this kind of strict diet for a year without cheating, and not curing themselves. I haven’t seen someone come on a forum and say they were symptom free for 6 months and then relapse.

    I want success BAD. I’m going to fight this thing as long as it takes. But I’m going to listen to my body from now on. I’m just treating this like I’m pregnant. 9 months, maybe longer, and I’m cured, just like Able did.

    In the beginning of the treatment, I liked to reference the movie, “The Edge” with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, who get stranded in the wild, and hunted by a wild bear…they were at the end of their rope. Hopkins defined himself in that moment when Baldwin was losing all hope. Hopkins had read in a book that a man is capable of killing a bear. That it has happened in human history. He used this knowledge to summon courage from within himself. He made his own reality…and yelled out, “What one man can do, another can do”. He shouted it again. The pupils in his eyes grew, almost manically. He body rushed with pure adrenaline. He then yelled at Baldwin, “What one man can do, another can do…say it!” Over and over again he shouted it, and just like that, the energy from Hopkins transferred to Baldwin, and he became a believer. This is what I’ve done myself during week 2 when I left the sauna, more exhausted and underweight than I’ve ever been in my life. I shouted it in my car. “What one man can do, another can do!!” Well, 2 weeks later, now I have energy from the eggs and from the constant saunas. I’m on my way to a cure, finally.

    I’ve recently come to learn that when the chips are down, is when you are truly tested of what you are made of. A man is defined by how he handles the bad times, not the good.

    Best wishes,



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    That was unbelievable, Titan. Thank you so much for posting such an inspiring slice of your life during your treatment. I have no doubt that it will be the most inspiring post on the forum for a long time to come.

    Thank you again.


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    Sounds like your mind is healing as well…

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