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    I am looking for any advice you may have for me.
    I am reading all I can on this site and more in order to rid myself of yeast as soon as possible. I am breastfeeding my daughter and things have gone well so far. But I can tell that she is beginning to get Thrush. I know it well because I had it with both my boys when they were breastfeeding. Ughh…it is so painful for me, and the babies always seem very uncomfortable too. Their mouths must really hurt to feed.

    Things I’m doing (please add any more ideas):
    Eating yogurt
    Rinsing nipples with vinegar and water solution
    Using Nystatin (oral for her, and topical for me)
    Eating less sugar
    Drinking only water (this is BIG for me, I’m a big soda drinker)
    Eating less wheat products

    I am also anemic so I have to try to get as much iron in my diet as I can. And I’m taking vitamins for that… What do you guys think about AZO Yeast? I have taken in before but since I”m breastfeeding, I am reluctant.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

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