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    Does anyone know if candida completely screws your immune system?
    I’ve been doing a candida diet with other stuff for about a month, and have seen improvements to my energy levels and a sinus infection in about the past week and a half.
    I went back to work yesterday and picked up someone’s shitty cold. I’m now freaking that it’s going to go to my sinuses and put me back down the bottom of the mountain again (which has happened so many times i almost don’t want to count).
    I’m wondering if the fatigue (and crappy immune response) improve as your candida dies down?
    I’m almost feeling like i have to live in a plastic bubble at the moment, to keep away from everyone’s bloody germs.
    It’s generally hard also to get as creative with cooking or go out and get ingredients when I’m feeling like this again.
    I would like to know it’s not just me!
    (Also – i’ve had about two rounds of die off: one horrendous one, and a second milder one. Should i keep expecting more? Is this how i know the candida is dying down? I’ve been upping the anti-fungals a bit, but not much result re die off.)


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    Everything should improve as you get better including your immune system.



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    Thanks – you guys are very generous with your advice/time.

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