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    HI all,

    I have been struggling with candida infestation since May now. It manifests itself in my with oral thrush. I have had repeated outbreaks of it and have treated it in all kinds of manner including anti-fungal medicines prescribed as well as drastically altering my diet and also following the Candida diet and protocol. I am also on pro-biotics, caprylic acid, molybeneum etc.

    I still have some residual oral thrush but I have accepted that in time (I hope) it will go away.

    I am still on the Candida diet (no sugar, no yeast, no carrots, no refined grains etc). However – I am having a massive problem with my gut distending, cramping and (not so pleasant) gas after eating. This happens particularly if I eat porridge or the whole grains such a quinoa, rye (ryvita crackers).

    I have cut these out of my diet now to test if I have some kind of reaction to them and it seems that I do which has led me to wonder if I have IBS as a result of the candida infestation.

    The problem with this is that the candida diet is in direct opposition to the diet that is needed for IBS healing. For example – eating broccoli, spinach etc for candida reportedly work against the IBS.

    Has anybody else experienced this or has any possible suggestions for a diet plan that might help me fight both issues at the one time? I’m really running out of option and just don’t know what more I can do. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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    Well, part of your problem is that you are consuming items not allowed on the diet such as rye and quinoa so its partially your diet that is the problem. You are looking at a bad candida diet if you think these items are safe.

    I also would not associate gas with IBS but would associate it with potential deficiencies in stomach acid:


    You likely lack stomach acid to help break down the foods you eat which is typical with people who have candida infestations.

    I wouldn’t worry about IBS right now…what other symptoms make you think you have it?



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    Hi Raster,

    rye and quinoa were only recently and very limited as part of attempting to reintroduce some foods. I have stopped both of those now and it seems to be easing a bit (thank goodness).

    Thanks for the link – I’ll definitely go and have a look at that one and see if it’s fitting my symptoms.



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    I’m totally in favour of Quinoa as it appears on the foods to eat list on this site.

    Foods to Eat

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