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    Hello my name is XXXXXXX and I’m a 34 year old male from Ny . I have had candida problems for over 10 years due to antibiotics. I tried everything including diet, supplements and they only kept it at bay. About 2 years ago I developed dyshidrosis which is blisters on my hand and feet. I went to numerous doctors and more medication but nothing worked. I read your posts on nystatin enemas and decided to give it a shot since I has stomach problems anyway. I’m glad I did because not only did the blisters on my feet clear up but so is my stomach coming back to normal. I know you probably get a lot of emails about this topic and I’m not asking on how to do the enemas because I believe I have mastered the technique. I have 4 questions if you can answer that would be great 1st I do enemas everyday is that safe? 2nd I use to get only 3 bowel movements a day now I’m only getting one is that normal? 3rd after the enemas my intestines sometimes feel sore is that normal? And finally I’m on te candida diet should I be taking any kind of probiotics. If you can help me out with those questions it would be great if not I understand that you probably get hundreds of emails thanks again.

    Great to hear it. I have gotten many reports similar to it.


    This is another testimony:

    I have been cured of intestinal candidiasis for so long now that I don’t even think about it anymore, but I could not leave the forums without sharing my experience, as it was the meticulous Science and sharing of dvjorge that helped me find this cure after almost two years of fighting candida with no end in sight. I studied every post that he ever made so intensely, you have no idea.

    In the end, what finally worked for me took only 2-3 weeks. One of dvjorge’s insights was that oral nystatin in liquid or tablet form may not reach the lower intestine in sufficient concentration to eradicate the infection.

    I already had 300ml of nystatin oral suspension, with an instruction to take 6ml orally twice daily. Orally this did help control the infection somewhat, but drinking gallons of nystatin for months and years was not curing the infection, and not sustainable.

    Thankfully, as a retentive enema, as indirectly suggested by dvjoge, it completely eradicated my infection. For those who want the details ….

    I picked up the Faultless Goodhealth Rectal Syringe from Amazon. Every morning I grabbed a 16oz red plastic party cup, filled it about 1/3 full of distilled water, added 6ml of nystatin oral suspension, sucked it out of the cup using the rectal syringe until the cup was empty and bulb was full, and standing at sink, inserted the nozzle, and squeezed the bulb to fully deliver the solution rectally. I tried to do this twice a day, but most of the time it was only once, and plenty of times I skipped a day altogether.

    Since it seemed to start controlling the infection that same day, and I was already sick of the diet, I actually did not stick to the candida diet during the process. I now believe that nystatin is very powerful when applied the other way, because my routine was a bit haphazard, but it worked like a charm. Most of the time I just put it up there and forgot about it, and that was it.

    Other times, I did turn upside down for as little as 5 min and at most 20 min. Sometimes I did shift to my body to the right while upside down to get the nystatin to the transverse colon, and then back again to the left to reach the rest of the colon. I think turning upside down was important at least a few times, but honestly I did not have the energy to do it every time. Most of the time it just filled the rectum and that was all the time I had to spend on candida.

    I did not even finish my 30 day supply of oral nystatin, the candida went away before I was done with bottle. It’s still sitting there months later. The problem in my case was that my body was absorbing virtually all of the nystatin when ingested orally. So when applied rectally, pow, no more candida. Water may have helped get the nystatin where it needed to go.

    By the way, I was not able to get the nystatin compounded without sugar, so I just used the sugary stuff, banana flavored, from target. It didn’t seem to make a damn bit of difference. In retrospect nystatin is very toxic to candida, and the sugar (used to stabilize the suspension) was no help to the candida.

    One note, I did see a proctologist to have a look after a few weeks when I felt it had been pretty much cured. He used a scope, and saw no signs of infection. He suggested Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (also ordered from Amazon) to rehydrate the area, and I did use that for a day or two, but then never looked back. I pay as much attention to my butt today as I did before candida: which is to say, not at all.

    Diet-wise I now eat whatever I want, although I am trying to stick to a slow carb diet. Sometimes I still add cayenne pepper to eggs, and non-fat greek yogurt to things in place of sour-cream, but I do this mainly because I like them. I have ice-cream in the fridge, pizza, donuts, fruit, chips, whatever. I’m cured. I watch what I eat but not because of candida.

    I have to thank dvjorge for giving so much to this forum. It was his insight that put me on the right track. In the spirit of his work I had to create an account to chronicle my experience, even if it may not directly help anyone. What he showed me was that documenting one’s experience may have value to the community.

    Sorry to those who are suffering. I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is right up ahead for you. Best of luck to all.

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