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    There is some questions that I never undesrtand.

    1 question: Yesterday I cooked 2 peace of organic meat but I just eat one of them so the other peace I will eat today. There is a problem it food from the other day?

    2 questios: I have made coconut bread with 6 eggs and 120 g of coconut flour and some oil but it is realy small. I mean in 3 days I eat that. Maybe if I use baking powder it will last more than 3 days right?


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    3 days seems a bit right for the coconut bread. You can make a double loaf if you wanted that will last about 6 days (double the recipe). Use baking soda or baking powder to make it a big more fluffy.

    I’d research some food safety stuff if you are concerned about meat lasting over time. It should be ok as long as its been in the fridge. There are some basic guidelines to follow but food needs to be kept at certain temperatures.


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