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    This started about a year ago, I’m guessing that is also when Candida showed up. It used to be more noticable after eating or drinking. But now that I’m on the cleanse its all the time. Its always been clear and runny. It is driving me crazy! Could this be part of the die off? I feel like is a bit early for that….Anyone????


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    Hi JLT,
    I am on the second day of the diet. I don’t officially start it until tomorrow- but I have been getting ready and I am pretty much on it. My throat has been bothering me too. The mucus in my throat has been bothering me for a long time now and I did not make the connection to Candida. I thought maybe I’m allergic to my cat or dust or feathers. But when I made the candida connection (I have a lot of other symptoms too) I realized that I have mucus in my throat from the candida infection or overgrowth. Since I have been cutting out sugar and other foods my throat started to clear a bit. For a couple of days it felt very irritated. This part is kind of gross. Yesterday I was driving and I was eating almonds. I was swallowing a lot, trying to clear my throat. It suddenly felt like the mucus was detaching from somewhere in my throat. A few moments after that I got a very sharp pain the the roof of my mouth. I was in a lot of pain yesterday. It almost feels like a tooth coming in or something. I was going to go to emergency today if it was not better- but it is getting better. I have no idea what is happening there- but I hope that mucus in my throat is dying!


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    I’ve been on the diet for 6 days and my throat is finally clearing up. I feels like I can breath again. Herbal tea helped a lot in the beginning when it seem almost impossible to swallow.


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    I used to smoke and every morning I would hack up a brown something or other. I always figured it was just tar. Then I quit smoking, and every morning I would hack up a white something or other of the same consistency. Then I was like…”Wait a minute?” I realized it was not all tar, but rather the Candida being stained brown by the tar.

    I have been on the diet for about 3 weeks now and I am still getting a little bit of white mucous. I have been breathing easier and, though my throat has felt a bit raw, It is starting to get better. I can’t believe I went on with Candida for so long. I feel great now.


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    Could be due to having food allergies due to the candida. I know I had terrible congestion for years due to that. Clearing up as body cleans out.

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