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    Hi there! i just went through a candida test with my Holistic Doctor. i just got off a antifungle, dubbed fungicide in my home. and am now on new supplement along with GSE and a probiodic. he started me on them right away which resulted in flulike symptoms. but being two weeks in i feel so much better. my biggest question is when i can start adding higher sugar fruits in. like bananas. im dying to bake some banana cookies and pancakes. just something with new texture and feel.

    my numbers are igA 1.23
    igG .89
    igM 1.23

    i will go back in three months for a retest of my blood. but i am craving the dy to have bananas and watermelon. i had a food panel done as well and i have reactions to a few of the other lower glycemic fruits i COULD have, like apples. so no apples for me! anyways. this is drawing away from my question.

    how mild is my candida? and how long should i stay strict having already been on the fungicide for two week and moving to the probiodics.

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