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    I’ve been on a candida diet for several months now; I’ve eliminated sugar, gluten, corn, soy, etc. even though I’ve found some great healthy and creative ways to get the food I need, I struggle with sticking to a healthy routine. I don’t eat the foods on the ‘no’ list, but I tend to go overboard with the foods that I can eat. For example, I can’t just eat a little bit of nuts, I crave them and find myself eating way too much in one Sitting. Even a bag of raw almonds can drive me crazy. Oftentimes I’ll eat a full meal ( like veggies sautéed with eggs or a salmon pattie with avocado and veggies) and I’ll still continue grazing afterwards. Like a LOT. When I’m not even hungry anymore. I feel out of control, and that I’m sabotaging my progress. At this rate, I feel as though I will never get relief from my symptoms ( brain fog, low energy, bloating, constipation, irritability, depression…) does anyone else struggle with eating too much? Usually I do fine for most I the day and struggle with cravings and overeating in the afternoon or evening.


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    Hello Misty,

    If you were to address your nutritional deficiencies, this likely would solve all of your problems. Your body is craving the foods because it is needing something that you aren’t feeding it. You could do a general vitamin and/or mineral test to see what are your deficiencies and then try to address those. This should reduce the cravings.



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    I have been in your place before. I have craved for so many foods thought I am in my best way to lose belly fat solutions. I thought it will be easy, but I thought it wrong. It was really a struggle. But I did my best to get rid with that attitude. I asked advice from different people, and even consult a specialist. I imposed discipline within myself and made my goal clear in my mind.

    I hope you can get out of this situation as well.


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    Thank you, I am definitely still struggling. But I know the triggers and am recognizing my weaknesses, so I can avoid being in a situation where it’s easy to go off the path of eating healthy. I actually have been tested for deficiencies before, and while I think that’s part of it, a lot if it is emotional as well. It’s hard To have everyone around me eating whatever they want, when I have to be so strict. Lately, I haven’t been putting in the effort as much, and I’ve given up a few times, thinking I’ll be good the next day. I’m tired if feeling this way though, so I’m going to stick with it no matter how hard!


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    Your deficient in sugar. lol, its true though

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