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    Hello. i’m in a diet for about 6 months and i’m doing great although i eat eggs, vegetables, greek yogurt, peaches and sometimes nuts. I don’t eat meat cause is expensive abd cause i don’t like it s my diet consist in 10 eggs per day. Is this to much? Cause i’m so thin and i need to eat.


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    Reminds me of the old saying “To much of anything is no good.”.
    I myself lately hard boil 10 eggs a week & make deviled eggs for snacks & if you cut them in half they fry up nice with a little oil of your choice. I like some chopped hard boiled to jazz up a salad.


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    10 eggs per day is too much. Try to add in alternative forms of protein.
    Look for hemp seeds (also expensive), buckwheat and vegetarian alternatives (based on soy). A lot of vegetables also contain quite some proteins (eg avocado).

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