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    Hi there! I’m new to this site, and just a few weeks ago diagnosed myself with candidaisis. Here’s what happened (I’ll try to make it short..):

    In November, I had chronic tonsilitis, and was put on several rounds of antibiotics. Shortly thereafter, I got the tonsils taken out, and in my three-week recovery period, I was on yet another antibiotic, which they do to prevent infection of the surgical site. So, I got a bad case of oral thrush, where my mouth was burning, itching, and completely white! The Dr. put me on an antifungal, which seemed to work…

    Well, my “healing” process from the surgery seemed never-ending. I kept getting sick– colds, headaches, flu-type things, etc. And THEN, around January maybe, I got a full-blown attack– my hands and feet were numb and tingling, leg muscles sore and week, severe back and neck pain, the whole nine. After much online searching and consultation with a friend (who happens to be a holistic health counselor), I figured my thrush hadn’t fully gone away (and alas! my tongue was still white!). Case closed. Candida overgrowth, no doubt.

    So, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been sugar-free, taking herbal supplements and vitamins, maintaining my exercise and yoga regimen, and I feel LOADS better! I didn’t really experience severe “die-off” symptoms, aside from my usual ones, and being extra tired/foggy (and having tons of break outs on my face!!!)

    So my question is…. since I’m pretty sure I only really had this problem since December or January…. when is an appropriate time to reintroduce sugar (and alcohol)? I’m not planning to go crazy, since I’ve learned so much and feel amazing right now…. but, I have a box of girl scout cookies in my freezer with my name on it… do most candida sufferers stay on this diet (or some version of it — sans GS cookies!) for their entire life? Every website I’ve been on seems to suggest that… What do you all think???

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