How do you know if it's REALLY Candida?

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    I’ve been on the diet and various supplements for months now. While I do feel better somewhat, a lot of my symptoms, especially the most severe ones (brainfog, fatigue) have shown no improvements. I’m beginning to wonder if its really Candida. Prior to starting the diet and supplements, I took the Candi5 home test. Results were somewhat inconclusive (one of the lines were very faint). I emailed the company and asked what it meant and they said something about it being a light positive? Not sure what that really means but I just assumed it meant a positive result. But after a few months on the diet and supplements, I think I may have some other underlying condition. Perhaps a thyroid problem?

    I wanted to see what would happen if I ate “bad food” for a few days. So I just ate fast food and sugary desserts. Well my symptoms didn’t really change much from when I was on the diet. Except some discomfort but I expected that after eating clean for so long. So hypothetically, if I did have Candida, I would have had some type of reaction to the foods correct? For those with confirmed Candida, do you always react to bad food? How long does it usually take?

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