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    after many years of rollercoaster-like health & many many doctor visits/specialists/naturopaths/alternative medicine methods, i think i’ve found what it is that is making me sick.

    just a little background information:
    at 10, i experienced intense stress which caused me to become anorexic for 2 years which led to having a sensitive stomach.

    at 19, i experienced my first full blown anxiety attack & continue to deal with it.

    at 23, had my first episode of UTI followed by an antibiotic treatment only to find out a few months later that i had HPV. thankfully, that has cleared.

    at 27-29, i underwent another intense period of stress which led to extreme indigestion, fatigue.

    at 30, along with these symptoms, i began to experience symptoms of extreme pain before my monthly and during the first few days not being able to have a bowel movement without feeling like passing out due to the pain. i recently was diagnosed by my OB-GYN to most likely have endometriosis.

    continued, i started having bladder issues of not being able to fully release when i use the restroom. this either caused or was caused by a bladder infection that was treated with antibiotics, but continued to reemerge monthly and underwent another round of antibiotics along with a homeopathic remedy because i couldn’t take antibiotics anymore.

    while trying to figure out what was happening with my bladder, last november, i suddenly had a 3 day episode of dizziness/spinning which was diagnosed as HPPV and had MRI scans, ear/nose testing, neurological testings done. no doctor has been able to pinpoint what the cause was and i have been left with a diagnosis of stress & migrane. even with the migrane, the doctor was honest in saying that he was not 100% sure if that was even what was happening. i am left with no other options in western medicine as all doctors/specialists have told me that it is a mystery.

    now i am left with brain fog coupled with head tension/head ache and have not been able to full function or drive for the past 8 months. i have been seeing a chiropractor, physical therapist for motion/balance, acupuncturist and although the symptoms are not as bad, it seems to be plateauing. the brain fog is consistently there as if it never quite wakes up from the morning and i am constantly tired because of trying to work through the fog.

    i was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity about 6 months ago and have been on a gluten free diet and although my energy has been better (before i would have to pass out for 2-3 hours a day due to extreme fatigue), but still, the other symptoms are not getting better.

    when i have diarrhea episodes, my stomach hurts like no other and afterwards, i am wiped out of all energy and have to pass out because i can’t stay awake. it’s a draining experience.

    i am sensitive to foods, but do not know which foods i’m actually sensitive to as it seems to change depending on my body and how it is feeling. i can’t take tobacco smell as it makes my heart palpitate, cannot have caffeine or alcohol for the same reason.

    i’ve been feeling like all this is due to stress and have been seeing a therapist for it, but somewhere inside me i felt like there must be more to the puzzle piece.

    also, i sudden began having rashes on my hands 2 years ago out of no where and was prescribed a topic ointment to clear it up, but it continues to flare up here and there. not entirely sure why.

    during my many doctor visits, i saw 2 naturopaths who ran tests and said that looking at the results they suspect i have candida/yeast overgrowth, but when i took it to my western medicine doctor, he dismissed the tests saying that there was to scientific evidence to back up the tests so i never really looked into it.

    now that i am at a dead end in terms of western medicine (again), and not being able to function, i am willing to try anything to try and figure out what’s going on. i took the candida test today and it came back saying that yeast connected health problems are probably present.

    this is all so new to me and being already on a very restricted gluten free diet & reading about the die off, i’m afraid of trying this without knowing exactly how to proceed. i’m very sensitive with any medications and have not been successful at even taking different probiotics, multivitamins, and supplements. even some teas make me feel sick.

    i would definitely appreciate any feedback/thoughts that anyone might have in regards to what i should do to start off? if i might have something else instead? if i do have candida, what to expect and how to go about it naturally and safely? i’m just so lost…. but i can’t continue living life holed up at home and not being able to function… i want to get better and live a healthy like i once did…

    thank you.


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    Hello, J, welcome to the forum.

    – If I cannot find molybdenum, do I really need to get molybdenum or can I do without it? is there a substitute for this?

    Yes you need it, otherwise you’ll likely be very ill. Where do you live? I’ll try to help you find it.

    – If the Swedish bitters liquid form and the milk thistle liquid form has alcohol (4% alcohol), are they okay to use?

    You should take milk thistle in powder form which can be found in capsules. Swedish bitters should be used as a liquid and can be found in the alcohol-free form. This is why only “Swedish” bitters are named and not other brands.

    -Is it okay to just use one enzyme (either the milk thistle or swedish digestive bitters) while on the cleanse?

    Neither of these are enzymes. Milk thistle is an herb used to protect and heal the liver because of the die-off as well as the living Candida toxins, and digestive bitters is used to stimulate the production of natural enzymes and to flush the liver of toxins, but they are not enzymes.

    Would this have any adverse effects on my body if i chose to just use one enzyme while on the cleanse?

    You’ll receive all the beneficial natural enzymes and at the same time avoid synthetic enzymes by using the digestive bitters. You should use this throughout the entire treatment, not just during the cleanse. Again, if you intend to take only one of these, take the Swedish Digestive Bitters.

    -On the site, I read about the Swedish digestive bitters: ‘No matter what you read from here on out, you will not need to purchase additional enzymes as long as you use the Bitters.’ Does this mean that all I need is the Swedish digestive bitters (no need for the molybdenum or the milk thistle)?

    No, that’s not what I typed. Each of these does specific jobs in specific ways. Leave out the milk thistle if you have to avoid one.

    -How many times a day (and when/which time) should I drink the daily detox drink?

    Up to three if possible.

    -How many times a day should I drink the liver flush drink?

    Two or three if possible. Keep in mind that once is better than none.

    -Is there a difference between sodium bentonite clay powder and calcium bentonite powder?

    Yes, and you should use sodium-bentonite powder as stated on our cleanse page.

    Is the sodium bentonite powder also known as the swelling bentonite powder

    Yes, because it covers a larger area and absorbs quicker and better.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, advice, or comments anyone may have.

    My only suggestion is to read the protocol and the links it contains even if you’ve already done so. The link is shown below in my signature area.



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    I would do the enzymes only after the cleanse if you do choose to take them.

    Remember the cleanse only should last about a week at the longest; feel free to start the diet and not do the cleanse whenever you are ready.

    Expect a long term recovery time frame to repair the gut, heal the organs, and to get over this beast. The cleanse won’t even come close to killing off all of the candida if you do have it. If you feel worse on the diet and cleanse, and get “flu-like” symptoms…you likely have a gut flora overgrowth or imbalance and the first part is typically hard. After about a few weeks to a month or so depending on how you progress, you should start to get over “die-off” symptoms and start to heal. Everyone heals at different rates, but you typically feel worse before you feel better.

    Your body and candida are likely addicted to sugars, so it could be a hard adjustment.


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