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    Thanks cat lady! 🙂 actually have a smile on my face for the first time in a while, recently split up with my girlfriend because of how crazy I was getting. Mostly because of candida and what it’s doing to me and partly because I’m a scorpio and I’m a little crazy by nature.

    Feels nice to get some of my thoughts out

    I plan on taking photos of my progress periodically.. And ideas on keeping weight or gaining some? Really hate the thought of losing much more as I already get comments of how skinny I am. Which is a real ego downer being a guy.

    Thanks and happy fast healing!!


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    Vegan Catlady;56042 wrote: The way we handle stress makes and breaks us.

    This is soooo true! I learned that through experience. That is: the hard way. But it was a very useful lesson that provided me lots of insight.

    Vegan Catlady;56042 wrote: I dont know that you can remove stress, as sometimes you are in a situation you dont have choices in, but changing the way we react to it changes our body-chemistry and gives the adrenals a chance to heal.

    There are indeed two things: removing stress that can be removed, and changing your reaction to the remaining stress that cannot be removed.

    Just to give you some examples of removing stress:

    Long ago, I thought it was imperative to be on the dance floor all night long when I went to a party. Now I do like dancing, but not always, and certainly not all night long. So I was forcing myself to do things I didn’t really feel like, because I thought I wouldn’t be accepted by my friends if I didn’t.

    It was only after I decided to stand up for myself, and not do things because my friends expected me to, that I spent only ten minutes on the dance floor, then an hour or so just talking with my friends, then fifteen minutes on the dance floor, and so on. Or I went to a party and didn’t dance at all, because I didn’t feel like dancing that night.

    I discovered that my friends didn’t blame me at all, they still respected me – in fact, they respected me even more than before, because I voiced my opinion (without brutalizing them, of course) and I acted like it. I simply stood up for myself without doing anyone any harm. That earned me quite some respect, and more importantly: it removed a lot of stress.

    Another example is being forced to perform tasks that stressed me. Just by talking about the fact that I really really didn’t like such tasks, and that I’d rather do some other task, got someone reacting like “hey, I really like doing the things that you disgust, and I hear you telling that you like doing exactly those things that I disgust – so how about an exchange of tasks?”.

    So he took over from me those tasks that gave me stress, and I took over from him those tasks that gave him stress. In the end, all tasks were still performed, but better, faster, and most importantly: by two happy, unstressed persons, rather than by two unhappy, stressed persons.

    These were just two examples. Of course, such solutions aren’t always possible – but reducing stress is so important that it certainly is worthwhile looking for such possibilities. If you’re only aware of this method, you’ll find ways more often than you expect!


    Vegan Catlady
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    Good examples Floggi.

    My major source of stress is that I am a caregiver and responsible for the well-being of so many others,that no matter how I try, there isnt much time for myself. Even as I type, I am cooking/cleaning/medicating/working.

    There is no support system, but I can choose to perceive that as weakness or a strength.

    I waffle,lol.

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