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    Hi…. just wanted to share this

    Although I do have a bit of an overgrowth problem if I eat yeast extract most of my yeast infections seem to have come from unprotected sex with my husband (this is work in progress and not the topic for discussion here).

    I have given these Nelsons Candida tablets a go and found them really effective.

    I find my regime for treating a yeast infection takes about 5 days for me to stop itching. I took the first big dose yesterday and I am already much better than I would have been normally. I will add tho that I am aware of the signs a lot more now so act faster.

    I am taking 2 pau darco and 2 advanced acidophilus a day and when I get an attack I apply topically a mixture of organic cider vinager, water, lavender oil and geranium oil.

    I have a feeling that if it is an attack due to me eating badly the pau darco and acidopilus play a big role… but if it is an “external” attack only I wonder how effective they will be.


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    I’m using Hanna Kroeger’s Candida Kit while in stage one. I think it’s part of a milder approach to killing off overgrowth.

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