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    I just made and ate Cauliflower Gobi. Arora Creations makes a spice mix I bought in the grocery store. Very tasty. The ingredients in the spice packet are as follows cumin seeds, sea salt, ground turmeric, red pepper, ajowan seeds, amchur powder and nigella seeds. I know that cumin and turmeric are very good for fighting off candida.

    The recipe called for olive oil, I used coconut oil. Fresh ginger. Tomatos. Cauliflower. And cilantro. I left the cilantro out because it is VERY cold outside.

    I found this in the natural food section at the grocery store. I added some greek yogurt to cool it down, cause of the spice factor. I added a little extra water to make a soupy base.

    It says to serve it with rice and indian bread, i omitted both because they are bad for the candida diet.

    Tomorrow we are having the same kind of thing with chick peas.


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    I think I’ll be cooking a lot of Indian food when I get to phase 2 and can introduce some lentils, tomatoes and peppers. Many of the main dishes are incredibly healthful; it’s just the rice, breads and sweet chutneys that you’ve gotta watch out for. I should be able to make something curry-ish with spices and shredded coconut or yogurt in the meantime.

    You could try this buckwheat chapati recipe if you want some flatbread. I won’t be able to try it until later in the month, but I’m hoping it comes out good since I could wrap up all sorts of stuff in it or use it to eat curry. I only started trying things like dosa, vada, paratha and puri recently, so it’s a shame I have to stop now…

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