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    At the same time that I was diagnosed by a GE, he also found a minor hiatal hernia. While the candida is somewhat in control after 8 months of diet and treatment, I have had a pain in my upper gut (which also pulsates)that I thought was part of the candida problem. This problem has been going on for about 3 weeks. My acupuncturist suggested getting checked for a hernia. I remembered the diagnosis of the GE. What I am wondering is what the connection may be between the candida and hiatal hernia? There is some evidence I have found on Internet searches but would like to know if anyone else has had as a symptom or root cause for the candida. Able, help!


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    I’ve never researched the two as having a connection, but the pressure of abdominal gas will sometimes force the stomach upward, and since Candida overgrowth produces toxins which include ammonia and carbon dioxide gases, this can make the hernia worse and more painful. If the pressure is strong enough and last for a relatively long period of time, it seems both logical and feasible that it could possibly cause a hernia as well.



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    Yes hiatus hernia can cause reflux, like nausea,
    I had one and it went away after many years, as I changed my diet and did exercises.

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