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    I feel like I’ve maybe had a breakthrough today, as I continue to scour the internet in search of what the hell is going on with my body. This feels like it fits … and here’s why:

    – currently 8 months postpartum and have been on meds since 6 weeks pp for depression & massive anxiety attacks
    – leg muscles fatigue rapidly
    – poor sleep but with very vivid, wild dreams
    – hot flashes
    – gallbladder pains or heartburn
    – chronic idiopathic urticaria (AWFUL MISERABLE BAD)
    – interestingly – athlete’s foot and toe fungus

    I have been struggling with the hives the most, as they are large enough patches that they cover my entire abdomen, or back, or arms and legs, and typically all at once. I’ve swelled in my cheeks, my scalp gets itchy, and at times I look like I’ve caught a solid fist to my mouth. My doc has no answers. I decided to change my diet to anti inflammatory – basically I started with cutting out refined white sugar, gluten and dairy as best I could. I also added an adrenal support and ashawaganda root tablets. It’s been two weeks, and I’ve had two major “cheats” with sugar, only to awaken to atrocious hives the next day. This to me signals that the sugar is exacerbating something in my body, and this lead me to think “sugar feeds yeast, research candida”

    Wow. It fits. Now to plan the diet regime and see what kind of recovery I can make for myself. Hope to find support here as well!

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