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    So this will be kinda long but bare with me, please

    I started out with having H-pylori (found through endoscopy and bipopsy. So was treated with triple antibiotics for 14 days.

    no better, had Hydrogen breath test and found to have SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) again antibiotic for 2 weeks

    no better, told I now have IBS and Fibromyalgia.. Tests revealed that past 2 infections had been eradicated.

    so now its been since JUNE 2013 and I am still sick as ever

    symptoms are as follows:
    1. ANXIETY (which I have always had but since the infections has become full blown)

    2. Lethargy, barely can do anything without feeling like I have run a marathon

    3. Spaciness, dizzy, off balanced, wishy washy brain, brain fog, feel like I am drugged up, whatever you want to call it….just can not stand the weirdness in my head

    4. Gut issues, pain, gurgling, no appetite (lost 50lbs during infections)
    Belching constantly

    5. Dry eye

    6. headaches

    7. all over body pain, achey, flu like feeling

    8. diareah off and on

    9. erratic vision with spots

    10. tinnitus

    I will stop there because I sound like a hypochondriac.

    As growing up I had constant ear infections and sinus infections was on antibiotics all the time

    also in my 20’s Vaginal yeast infections frequently

    so I have a long hx of taking antibiotics

    as of 4 days ago I started a cleanse

    Taking Canizyme for 1 month
    Then Oreganol for 1 month
    then Candex for one month

    I also have been taking a very strong probiotic for months now and started taking L-glutamine

    so heres the question, who do I see to find out for sure if this is Systemic Candida?

    I have taken 2 online tests and my #’s are so high they say absolutely Candida
    also have done spit test and it drops like a lead balloon (but was told spit test is a myth)

    just don’t know where to turn and who to see

    This last year I have not been able to work because of how ill I am (I am a nurse believe it or not)

    Most days I feel like I am actually dieing.

    PLEASE someone help me and give me advice

    Oh I am trying to cut out dairy, sugar has been no problem, but I am addicted to cheese so I have to stop that now

    thank you to anyone who responds to my plea for help


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    does anyone have a response?


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    laineyk;52656 wrote: does anyone have a response?

    Hi Lainey,

    I am new here too. I’ve had all the symptoms you’ve listed and more. I know it’s not in your head.

    In my experience it’s best to attack this in stages, otherwise you’ll forget your 100 medications to take per day. I’ve come a long ways since October 2013 so I’ll share what worked for me:

    Step 1: herbal cleanse that targets the liver and colon – this will help your system eliminate toxins when you eventually kill off the yeast

    Step 2: increase pH in your stomach with meals – I did this with HCl but you can also try unpasteurized/unfiltered apple cider vinegar (this will help reduce re-infection from yeasty foods like bread & cheese)

    Step 3: fight, fight, fight with anti-fungals – RAW garlic, cinnamon, coconut oil, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, etc. Experiment with what works best for you but some of these can be expensive. Can’t really go wrong with raw garlic assuming you can handle it.

    Step 4: repair your intestines – L-glutamine, N-acetyl glucosamine, and probiotics

    Steps 1-3 should be for at least 1 month each. Step 4 should last for 4 months, it takes 120 days for your intestines to completely turnover its cells.

    Take my advice at your own risk. I have a BSc in Nutrition, but they don’t even mention candida overgrowth in the program I graduated from.

    Good luck


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    Check out the responses to your other posts, I gave you some good advice there…

    The anxiety can be improved by taking supplements that heal the brain. The brain is largely made up of fat, so fatty acids can help reduce anxiety. A great cheap one is flax oil with lignens.

    The lethargy is likely related to thyroid and adrenal health and both these organs take a long time to heal with a specific plan. You should generally feel better if you follow the diet.

    The brain fog is also related to the anxiety and you simply need to detox long term for this to improve. If you reduce the candida numbers then this will go away or improve also.

    The belching and gas is likely related to deficiencies in stomach acid:


    The body aches are likely related to pH levels, inflammation, and minerals. These are all inter-related.

    What you need:
    -something to kill the yeast slowly such as SF722
    -liver detox supplements such as super milk thistle X, dandelion, nettle leaf, juniper root
    -anti-inflammatory supplements such as fermented cod liver oil, flax, fatty acids, etc. (these should help brain health too).
    -digestive aids such as glutamine, digestive enzymes, etc (you got these) (can give a bigger list)
    -to follow the strict forum candida diet with organic foods
    -certain vitamins such as vitamins abcde, biotin, minerals, etc (varies person to person)

    As you can see, it gets quite expensive fast.


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