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    Hey, all! Sorry to have pretty much fallen off the face of the web! We were on vacation, then had some sickness go through the family, some summer busyness, etc. Just wanted to check in and tell you all that I’m doing well 🙂 32 weeks preggie and Lily is looking healthy and she’s definitely getting BIGGER, lol.

    Still have UTIs. Oh, well. I’m pretty much just going to bank on them not clearing up until after the baby arrives. About 5-6 weeks ago I started antibiotics that wound up being 3 consecutive doses – Ampicillin followed by Macrobid followed by Keflex. Then I went on a daily low dose of Keflex that’s supposed to last a month. I still have about a week of that left, and still UTI symptoms.

    BUT, here’s the wild part, my candida symptoms have ***not flared up*** with these antibiotics. I’ve been pretty good about probiotics, but it just seems so odd to me that the candida isn’t rearing it ugly head like before. No thrush. No skin rashes. No weird behavioral/mood symptoms (although this can be tricky to watch out for as I’m sleeping very poorly lately – strange how difficult it is to sleep with someone kicking your bladder). I’ve scored below the lowest level of candida diagnosis on questionaires for well over a month now. That’s very encouraging!

    What’s discouraging is that I had to go on a low-oxalate diet for the kidney stones I had. I passed FOUR a few weeks ago, by the way! Between the ACD and the low-oxalate restrictions, I was left with precious little to choose from, and I’m trying to grow a baby here! So, with the candida symptoms so improved, I decided to start reintroducing some foods.

    I successfully added small amounts of frozen berries at a time (mostly in organic yogurt smoothies), but then I just needed to find something that was going to offer nutrients *and* calories. I had to take all the almonds, sunflower seeds, etc out of my diet for the silly stones – that took a lot of calories away. So, I got a little risky and tried a tiny bit of corn (in a gluten free hot cereal). Then a little more corn (organic, stone ground chips). Eventually even up to Erewhon corn flake cereal. I don’t eat more than a serving a day. I also recently added gluten free oats and seem to be tolerating them well. I haven’t tried corn flour or GF oat flour at this point yet. Most days I still only have 2 servings of grains (I’m eating brown rice and some millet as well).

    So, weird, huh? Tell me – do you all think I’m pushing it? I felt like I really needed the grains since I lost buckwheat & amaranth because of the oxalates. Would you try to introduce any more? I’ve done well with yogurt, so I’m thinking maybe some fresh, unaged, organic cheeses for the calcium & calories, too (?). Oh, I added goat cheese and that went well.

    That’s where I am right now. Thoughts?


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    Hey, Hope!

    It’s great to hear that you’re doing so amazingly well.

    Congratulation on keeping the Candida in check – and even improving – while you were on the antibiotics, I’ve never read of that happening, so you may be making history it seems, great job. Seems that the extra probiotics helped, I’m glad you decided to do that, I know it was a big decision, as I’m sure all of the Candida related decisions were with you being pregnant.

    I imagine any time we feel that we’ve crossed the threshold from a Candida infestation into ‘wellness’ once again – which seemed so far away at one time, and decide to start adding new foods, it’s really just a gamble because we can’t be certain that the Candida isn’t still existing in enough numbers to recreate the infestation. On the other hand, no one can blame you for trying in an attempt to prevent further weight loss – which wouldn’t be good for you or the baby no doubt.

    By the way, you made me grimace in pain with that remark about a kick in the bladder, thanks. My thought was, good grief, life is tough enough without someone kicking you in the bladder – from the inside.

    We’ve missed you on the forum, so thanks for giving us an update on your situation.



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    Thanks for the reply, Able 🙂 You’re an encouragement. And I got a good chuckle out of your bladder comment, too. lol.

    I almost think reintroducing is as hard as the first 2 weeks on the diet. I keep doing well with foods and I can really see how very, very easily I could start to get too careless with the diet overall. My husband was sitting beside me as I was taking an online questionaire the other night, watching me click on a bunch of “zeros”, one after the other. He said, “This is silly. You don’t have overgrowth anymore. Look at your answers!” And, from the symptoms and the numbers, I know he’s right. BUT I also know that I want to *keep* my body this way! 🙂 It takes a lot of mental discipline to not give in and eat too many reintroduced foods in one day. To not just try out a little bite of pizza, because I’m doing so well. It could all snowball quickly, and I’m *certain* that’s why so many people get candida symptoms back so quickly after they’ve reintrouced a number of foods. I admit to nibbling a few (okay, like 6) McDonald’s french fries that were left in the bag after my kiddos took theirs out the other day. Ack! I really need to not think of myself as being cured. If I think of myself as “cured” at this point – only about 3 weeks into slowly reintroducing foods – I know I’ll do something looney like eat a bite of ice cream one day, a smidge of cheese the next, and before you know it, I’ve gone overboard.

    SO, I’m reintroducing. But I’m trying to be really, really careful. I guess I’m just surprised at how “all or nothing” it’s seemed at times. It’s been easier for me to stick closely to the diet when there was clearly no wiggle room. Now, there’s a little wiggle room, and I have to be vigilant. I was fine with the dumb fries, by the way – which makes it all the more tempting to pull that stunt again! It’s good for me to be on here 🙂 Keep telling me not to be stupid, Able!!! 🙂 All of you, keep telling me how SLOW I need to go with all this, okay? 🙂 Every bite of (under-ripe) strawberry or feta cheese that doesn’t affect me in the slightest is wonderful and super freaky at the same time.

    By the way, for those chomping at the bit for a little strawberry, I checked and I wanted to make it clear that I’m actually 18.5 weeks into the diet and I only started Stage 2 after 15 or so weeks and after I had been symptom free for nearly a month. I’m introducing 2, maybe 3, foods a week.

    Thanks again for the encouraging words! 🙂 Now, to completely ignore the dozen perfectly ripe peaches on my countertop…


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    Hello Hope ! I’ve wanted to connect with you for a few days and never had the chance. That being said, sorry for the late night reply. I’m very busy and the anti-candida lifestyle is a challenging thing for me right now. I’m a french Canadian so I apologize in advance for grammatical errors 😮 I have been diagnosed with severe candida 2 weeks ago and immediately started the candida diet. I have been off gluten and cow dairy for 8 years and I eat very well. My husband loves to cook and I can say that we eat 95% fresh and organic fruits, veges, nuts, seeds grain and proteins (eggs,fish and meat). My only “vice” is a few squares of black Camino chocolate and kettle cooked chips in the evening. I’m a bit discouraged of having candida as i think i’m basically eating all the right things. On the other hand I have had alot stress in the last 18 months (mom with alzheimers). And I’ve always been prone to adrenal fatigue… I haven’t been well in the last year and worst this summer and have been to a doctor, naturopath, and homeopath. The homeopathy helped somewhat with symptoms but my chronic sore tonsils which started in July still remain. Someone suggested to get a Live Blood Analysis done from one of the best (Ted Aloisio). So i drove down to Toronto to see him and he diagnosed me in 5 seconds !! I have taken some time to read everything I could put my hands on regarding where to start and what I can eat in phase-1. I have decided to follow the Lisa Richards chart of foods to avoid. My husband is very creative in the kitchen and loves challenges! Lucky me 🙂 There are a few things I’m uncertain about though, as after 2 weeks on the diet I haven’t had any “die-off”… plus, sometimes my throat still acts up which makes me wonder if I’m making mistakes !? Are the foods which are permitted, aloud in large frequent quantities (ie: unsweetened coconut milk – quinoa – quinoa flour – almond flour – almonds – almond butter – hazelnuts, pecans, cinnamon, organic tomatoes, organic tomato juice (only ingredient) – olives (in water) – green beans, snow peas, raw unpasturized sauercraut – kimche – buckwheat – buckwheat flour – Lakanto – Stevia – asparagus – rabbit – wild game – homemade mayonnaise (with only eggs,oil and fresh herbs) – tapioca – tapioca starch – amarant starch – paleo recipes (made with almond meal)- apple cider vinigar (which I purposely drink) – I also drink cocnut oil to kill the candida. ….and reishi and maitake muchrooms???? also, what should i take as a fungicide ? thanks, Michelle 😀

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