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    So I have been struggling with CONSTANT and PAINFUL oral thrush for a couple months now (our doctors suck up here). I’ve been trying to stick to the diet the best I can but have had some pitfalls due to inexperience. I know they say to stay away from dried fruit during the diet, but is the fruit in some herbal teas the same thing? The reason I ask is because I saw some strawberry tea and ginger peach tea that I’d like to try but not sure if I should…


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    I was told that fruit teas are not in. I put fresh ginger, thyme and rosemary with a slice of lemon and add hot water.


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    I like a lemon ginger tea, chamomile, or nettle leaf tea. All are anti fungal and nettle leaf helps with low copper if you are taking molybdenum. Pau d’arco is also supposed to help, but tends to give me stronger die off.

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