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    I am suffering from candida…where to begin? chronic fatigue syndrome? dermatitis? itchy scalp? headaches? you name it i’ve got it. I tried the diet almost 4 years ago and was given exmykehl,quentakehl,nigersan and mucokehl. These medicines were great in that for two weeks i could feel the candida being killed…i actually felt worse than ever at first…but then i started to feel better. unfortunately i just didn;t have the discipline to continue the treatment or follow the diet. I recently bought these homeopathic remedies to start treatment again..but i don;t rmember in which order or which one is supposed to be used first…can anyoe here help me please??? i could call the practitioner from 4 years ago but she will probably want me to pay and it’s quite expensive.



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    Take it from someone who has been fighting this candida problem for quite some time. Be carefull when purchasing anything on the internet claiming to cure candida. I’ve have actually spent thousands of dollars on so called “cures” all of which have done NOTHING for me. The one item that I do think helped me to some degree was a product called Fungal Defense. After two days I certainly felt the die-off symptoms so I knew it was working. The problem with most of these “cures” are they will not compeltely rid you of this fungus.

    A combination of suppliments and diet is what will eventually cure you. ABSOLUTELY no sugar, yeast or gluten foods for at least 30 days. A small price to pay in order to regain your health. For me…today is day 2 of NO SUGAR and I can certainly feel the difference. The brain fog is starting to lift to a small degree but I do have all the other problems.

    The candida diet is very plain and boring but if you can muster the will power this will save you a lot of money. Run away from any products that claim you can maintain your original diet while taking their “cure.” IT WONT WORK! Good luck to you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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