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    Hello good night. I´m doing now the fist month of the strict diet. But the problem is that I find a work that is 5 km of my home so I have to take with me my food. Sometimes I get out of home at 2 pm and I eat at 9 pm. My question is: How can I preserve my food for 5 or 6 hours???? I mean maybe eggs can preservefor long times but what about vegetables and meat? How can I preserve meat and vegetables for long hours???


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    Does your work have a refrigerator? How bout bringing a lunch pack that can hold small icepacks.


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    Vegetables can be preserved for a long time without refrigeration (depending on temperature). You’ll know when they get bad. As far as a leaving meat unrefigerated…I don’t recommend it because it can go bad within an hour or two if being left out (depending on temperature). Some meats last better than others, but a whole chicken breast for instance would be a little iffy.

    You can store your foods in tupperware containers, etc…and transport in a lunch bag.


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