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    I just introduced yogurt and kefir into my diet this week. I have the biggest cravings for both now!
    I started with Nancy’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt. Started with couple of spoonfuls to be cautious. Two hours later, the craving kicked in and I ate the entire container on Sunday.
    Made my own organic raw cow’s milk kefir and drank it all 4 cups by Tuesday.
    Went and bought Lifeway organic plain kefir and drank the whole bottle today, Wednesday.
    I feel like I can’t get enough.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

    I have dye-off symptoms, but they are manageable. I figured I would either be crashing in bed all day or chained to a toilet. Neither has happened.


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    I would look at getting greek yogurt instead of nancy’s yogurt; greek yogurt contains 8-11g of sugar per serving while nancy’s contains 20+ g of sugar per serving.

    The longer you ferment the kefir, the less sugar (lactose) that will be found within it.

    I don’t think cravings are a good thing in general.



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    Thanks Raster!

    As for thinking I was not having any die-off… I crashed yesterday and today with symptoms. Headache, fatigue, insomnia, loss of focus, acne break outs, moody and irritable. Some gas and bloating also, which I attribute to the yogurt/kefir overload.

    Are there any greek yogurts out there that are made with whole milk? All I am finding are greek yogurts made with skim or 2% milk. Kefir/yogurt are the only other sources of protein I am eating aside from eggs. I am trying to add more calories and fat which is why I opted for Nancy’s whole milk yogurt.

    I did ferment my raw whole milk kefir for 24 hours. It seemed to turn out fine. I started a new batch tonight and will let it sit for 24 hours to eliminate as much lactose as I can.

    I am still trying to figure out if I am intolerant to dairy and if I should try coconut kefir instead. I need to do more research on the differences between cultured coconut milk and coconut water kefir as well as how to make it myself.

    Thanks for any insight anyone might have!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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