Help–Anyone know if this is Candida die off??

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    Hi- I have been on the the candida diet for a month. I have had some trouble with die off and really can’t take a whole lot of anti fungal (my choice is EVCO.) I have been stepping it up more lately but have been dealing with inflamed glands in my face (under my cheek bones/above my teeth) My face is so sore and it hurts to swallow. I can barely open my mouth up all the way without stiffness and pain. Is this die off or unrelated??? I have recently been gargling apple cider vinegar and don’t know if that is just clogging my lymphnodes?? Make any sense?


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    You should get this checked out by a professional. There is no way to know what is going on with someone else over the internet. These are not normal die-off symptoms though.

    I used to have strept throat and this sounds like it in my opinion.



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    It’s possible that it could be die off, when my sinuses are in pain I get really sore teeth and gums. Sounds like you should get checked out by a doctor to make sure it’s not a serious problem. I would take what they prescribe with a grain of salt because if it is die off they will not know how to handle that, and misdiagnoses will certainly happen. Another option might be to go off all anti-fungals for 48 hours and see if you feel better.

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