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    Hey all~
    So I’ve been reading through everything and am in need of someone to help me out. I just started the cleanse…using the clay and Fiber product from NOW recommended on the website. I’m on day 2 following the protocol listed with the 8am detox drink, 10am broth soup, 1pm detox drink, 3pm broth soup, 5pm detox drink, and 7pm liver flush(any input on how to prep that flush would be appreciated..chunks of ginger and garlic?).

    Today I have a headache and am foggy…extremely irritable. I ate a handful of pumpkin seeds hoping that would help.

    As I read through the forum, I am overwhelmed. Where do I start? Should I be eating food? Should I be taking something? I am living on a limited budget, so lots of supplements are a challenge for me financially (although I have many health food stores in my area).

    Just wondering if someone could link me to the recommended protocol and help a sister out with ideas. I know that I need to do this…it is very clear to me. I’m just a bit overwhelmed. The website and the forum have some different ideas, and I would surely love to hear from the experts who’ve tried it out.

    Blessings on your journey!

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